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Back in the 70s when tokers were still sticking three papers together for a decent smoke, our legendary founder William Fyfe Murray saw that what we all needed were ‘big wans’ – one easy rolling paper in a longer length.

In 1979 he conceived ‘Highland Papers,’ Scotland’s first independent, rolling paper company. Soon after he rented a small room above a pub and set to work making those big skins himself. Not satisfied with the usual length he made them extra long, the same size that’s still in our range today. The revolution didn’t stop there though; by the early 80s he had included tips in the pack, with his own smokey sayings and wisecracks on them. OK, so maybe not on the scale of John Logie Baird inventing the telly – but definitely another genius Scottish invention, as far as we’re concerned.

Forty years on we’re proud to remain an independent, family-run business and continue to make our papers by hand. HQ is now an old railway station in the heart of the Highlands, painted the same yellow as our vintage ‘Cosmic’ packet, so we don’t go forgetting the freewheeling, DIY way it all started.